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Hi my name is Sonia NANCE Roberts and this site has long been a hobby of mine. I've been working on these pages since 5 Oct. 1997. Hope you enjoy and we have a connection! For those who have been here before glad you stopped by again! For those who haven't been here hope you enjoy your visit and find it fun and informative! The links on the left will take you to my many interest.

  • My main hobby is My Genealogy pages. The surnames I am researching are NANCE and SOWERS mostly from Virginia.

  • NANCE and SOWERS "Libraries" this is ALL the information I have gathered on ALL NANCE and SOWERS surnames.

  • My husband's ROBERTS and MCDANEL

  • The Cat's House - Are pictures and stories about my 7 cats and some other useful information, funny pictures and anything else I came across about cat's

  • Cockatiels - Information and pictures of the Cockatiel birds I have owned (We also now have a Macaw)

  • Mini Cooper - Pictures of my favorite car and how I acquired my sixth MINI (more to come)

  • LINUX OS - Stuff I have learned and gathered from learning how to use LINUX/FEDORA

  • Our Little Neck Of The Woods - Hubby and I had a log home built. Here are our steps and lots of pictures of how it progressed.

Sonia Nance-Roberts

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