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Tweety Stanley

There is another new baby pictures forthcoming and he is growing so fast.. My camera can't even keep up...

Tweety 6-17-2005

Tweety 5-20-2005

Tweety 4-15-2005

{Tweety}{new baby}
We have named the baby "Tweety" here Tweety is on 3/28/05. 35 days old.

{new baby}{new baby}

Feeding Time 3/15/05

{new baby} {new baby}
The new baby on 3/13/2005 being fed and on 3/14/2005.
We had to take him away from the parents. Dad was abusing him.

{new baby} {new baby}
The new baby on 3/9/2005

{new baby}
The new baby on 3/7/2005

{new baby}
The new baby on 3/5/2005

{new baby}{new baby}
Here is Stanly with the new baby on 2/27/2005
{new baby}
Stanley and Kiwi did it again.. They have a new baby as of 2-21-2005. The other eggs didn't make it.

Unfortunately after the recent hurricanes in Florida, Mimi has flown away...because of some missing screen she got out while being fed.. She will be dearly missed.. But Stanly and Kiwi are trying again..
There could be babies along soon Kiwi has laid 4 eggs! The last 6 eggs didn't do. They could have gotten too cold.. Or Stanley didn't do his job..
Found 1 egg (5/13/04) She now has 5 eggs (6/1/04) .. 1 hatched found today (6/7/04) in box .. The other eggs didn't make it (6/15/04)

{short description of image} {short description of image} {short description of image}
A new born Chick (6/7/04).......... Getting bigger (6/15/04) ........... And bigger (6/19/04)
{short description of image} {short description of image}
Baby Chick (6/23/2004) and proud Dad......... Baby Chick (6/27/2004)

{short description of image}
We named her: Mimi (7/10/2004) and proud dad Stanley

{short description of image}
This is Stanley

{short description of image}
and the baby Cockatiels parents: Stanley and Kiwi

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