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Adopted from Domino's House. Mouse is a meowme's (owner's) boy needs to know where mama is all the time. Even when momma is out doing yard work he like to sit out and watch. He is also the brother of Minnie both were rescued from a "feral Cat" colony in Dec. 2001. Mouse is not at all as skittish as his sister Minnie. His mother was a "feral Cat" living in a colony in Hobe Sound, Florida. Mouse loves to eat! A big boy weighing in at about 21 pounds (correction as of 4/28/2007 now weighs 25 lbs.). He know's that feeding time is when mama gets up in the morning and around 5:30 pm and is easily found around that time of day. Starts around 3:30 pm sitting around meowmie. Likes to catch lizards and snakes. Mouse, Minnie and Dark like to hang out together all the time. Mouse, Minnie and Dark seem to have a special bond where they will bathe each other and sleep together. Mouse has an unusual trait of making new cats feel welcome... like his step sister Sassea  And now has a new girlfriend Cali
Mouse and Dark

Cats In The News Around The World

  • June 2006 - In West Milford N.J. A black bear picked the wrong yard for a jaunt, running into a territorial tabby who ran the furry beast up a tree not once but TWICE!

  • Sept 2005 - Dog Aids Mother Cat In Rescue of Brood Reported orignally on CNN Louisana - A hurricane surviror reported the following rescue story to CNN news. He was trapped on top of his house during the recent flooding, when he heard mewing coming from the other side of the chimney. He walked over to the end of the roof and saw 4 kittens, he knew were part of a recently born litter belonging to the neighbors cat. The mother and the 5th kitten were missing as was the family dog, a yellow labrador. He said he sat back down to try and figure out what to do and after a few minutes he saw the dog swimming towards the house, bearing the mother cat on it's back. The cat climbed on the other roof and proceeded to carry one of the kittens back to the dog, who carried both to the near by plantation house. this proceess was repeated untill all 4 kittens were safe in the upper level of the house. The first level was the only one flooded. The man seeing the dog succeed in this endevour 4 times, he decided to risk the swim himself. He succeed in reaching the balcony, and found the dog, mother cat and the all 5 kittens safe in an upstairs bedroom.

  • December 2004 - Tipsy the cat, whose hind leg was mangled beyond repair by falling debris during Hurricane Charley, was one of the lucky animal refugees from Polk County's three destructive 2004 storms. The gray tabby was found injured in woods south of Bartow -- a small, scrawny kitten. "Tipsy was very fragile," said Dr. Jerry Rayburn, the Winter Haven veterinarian who amputated Tipsy's leg, took her home for nursing and kept her. "You know," Rayburn said, "once you bring them in your home . . ." Despite a hitch in her getalong, Tipsy is fast on her three feet. She angles around remarkably well, bounding up and down the stairs in a beautiful lakefront home full of affection for her, two dogs and four other cats. All of them are former strays.

  • Sept. 2004 - Mexico is recruiting an army of cats to fight hundreds of thousands of rats. Officials estimate there are about a half a million rats in the village of Atascaderos, or about 200 rats per household.. Officials are hoping to collect about 700 cats and have them vaccinated and checked for rabies..any volunteers???

  • May 2005 - The city of Turin Italy has adopted a series of laws to protect pets. Dogs now must be walked at least three times a day. It Is forbidden to dye a dogs fur or surgically trim it's tail or ears. Feral cat colonies are now officially protected and can not be disturbed. Goldfish can no longer be awarded as prizes in fairs. Fines can run as high as $650. In the rest of the country owners can only be fined for torturing or abandoning a pet.

  • after Sept 11, 2001- During The World Trade Center recovery effort a very resourceful cat cat found her way into a safe, secure area to give birth to the kittens in a box of napkins. Vets felt these little survivors needed names. Mom has been christened "Hope" and the babies are "Freedom", "Amber" and "Flag." It's very fitting for a family determined to survive despite the close call. Vets predict a full recovery for the entire cat family.

  • Back in the late 1940s in Buenos Aires, a black female cat climbed a 40 foot tree where she resided for six years. Her name was Mincha and she wasn't lonely for companionship. She had three litters while living in the tree. The local Argentinians fed her by putting her food on poles.

    FIF Mouse
    Wow, your cat is Al Gore!

    Al Gore
    Saving the World

    Always the winner of the pawpular vote, Mouse is Al Gore!

    Green through and through, Mouse is super-careful about how he marks his territory and goes out of his way to cover his tracks. Though Mouse is a lover and not a fighter, he won't stray from your side when trouble flashes its ugly fangs. Not bothered by superfluous detail, Mouse can be counted on to report back to you with the facts at hand, no matter how nasty they may be. Not one to rely on his top-notch genes and breeding, scratching and clawing his way to the top is Mouse's modus pawperandi.

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