Dark has been missing since May 25, 2008.
I think he was missing his girfuriend (check out her page) there--->Minnie<---here and went to stay with her. Even though Dark has went on to be with his girfuriend I "Meowmie" will collect more black cat stuff that I come across.

We love and miss you a lot Dark..

Meowmie submitted this picture

of me Dark and my buddy Mouse
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Meowmie won $100 she will get us some of the "good stuff" ohhhh hope she means catnip.. ohhhh boy! Thanks to all furr voting for us EVERY DAY IN OCT 2007!!!

I'm Dark - my birth day is sometime around Dec. 18, 2001. I'm a feral cat success, adopted from (check out where) there---> Domino's House <---here on November 1, 2002, along with my brofur Buzz. Buzz didn't work out so he was returned to live with our mom. Then we got my step brofur (check out his page) there---> Mouse <---here and Mouse's sister (check out her page) there---> Minnie <---here who was my girlfuriend but she has passed on to "Rainbow Bridge". I can be very friendly once I gets to know you but shy before then. Not much bothers me... I'm pretty layed back. Love to sleep all day and I have a purrticular place that I always lays in. I haven't been well lately. Had exploritory surgery doc. found I was missing a lung, it was badly deteriated..Would love to be able to tell mom whats the matter..

Dark Dark Dark

Interesting Tales From The "Dark's" Side

  • Black cats became associated with black magic and sorcery during the Middle Ages. They were also thought to be the personification of Satan. Black cats without a single white hair were burned alive at organized annual ceremonies.

  • During the seventeenth century myths developed that parts of black cats could cure various illnesses. One belief is that a black cat tail buried under the doorsteps would protect the house owners from sickness.

  • European folklore believe the black cat to be a symbol of bad luck, evil or witchcraft.

  • King Charles the first of England owned a black cat. He believed this cat to be lucky and was so afraid of losing it he had it guarded day and night. Coincidentally the cat died the very day before Oliver Cromwell's parliamentary troops came and arrested the king. Shortly after, King Charles was taken to the scaffold and beheaded.

  • Greek mythology taught that a woman named Galenthias was turned into a black cat and became a priestess at the temple of Hecate, the "Dark Mother," and sometimes known as the Mother of Witchcraft.

  • During the 12th and 13th century, witches in Europe were often found with their "familiars," usually black cats, and were said to turn themselves into cats at times.

  • Black cats, because of their ability to remain unseen in dark places or at night, were considered especially desirable partners for witches.

  • In witch trials, ownership of a cat was taken as "evidence" of Satanic association and witchcraft. Cats, believed to be evil in their own right, were often punished as well as humans during these trials, often being burned alive.

  • During the witch-burning era of the 17th century, witches' cats were put into baskets and burned alongside the witches.

  • Pope Gregory IX denounced black cats as Satanic in his 1233 Papal Bull 'Vox in Rama' and this launched the extermination of many cats, and subsequently thousands of cats were burned alive in the cause of searching out the devil.

  • Even in the 21st century, old superstitions have survived. In many European countries and in the U.S., black cats signify bad luck, while in England, your luck is said to turn good if a black cat crosses your path.

  • Buddhists considered black cats to be especially lucky. A black cat crossing your path and doing you no harm were incredibly lucky. If a black cat entered your home, it was a stoke of good luck if you treated it kindly.

  • When an Egyptian family's cat died, the cat was mummified and the family went into mourning.

  • In 1718 William Montgomery of Caithness alleged that hordes of black (and other color) cats gathered outside his house nightly and talked in human language; he claimed to have killed two of them and wounded another one night and awoken the next morning to hear that two old women had been found dead in their beds and another badly injured.

  • On roads, a black cat crossing one's path was considered a signal of danger ahead.

  • Fishermen's wives would keep a black cat at home to prevent disaster at sea, consequently the cats became very valuable and were often stolen.

  • If a cat ran ahead of a sailor to the pier that would bring good luck, but if the cat crossed his path it means bad luck. For luck, cats were often kept on board ships.

  • If a sailor was approached by the ship's cat it meant good luck, but if the cat only came halfway and went away again it meant bad luck.

  • In Germany, Dreaming of a black cat at Christmas foretells of a serious illness in the coming year.

  • In Ireland, If a black cat crosses your path, you will die in an epedmic.

  • The worst possible cat-related act, guaranteed to raise a storm and bring bad luck of all sorts, was to throw the cat overboard.

  • Cats, in witchcraft folklore, are often believed to be familiars of human witches, because of their purported psychic and magical abilities. Both historically and in modern times, those who practice witchcraft often keep cats as pets.

  • In witch trials, ownership of a cat was taken as "evidence" of Satanic association and witchcraft. Cats, believed to be evil in their own right, were often punished as well as humans during these trials, often being burned alive.

  • The cat was worshipped in Egypt and to kill one was considered a capital crime.

  • Ancient Phoenicians smuggled black cats out of Egypt and brought them to Europe. Black cats were common, popular, and considered sacred.

  • In Europe, black cats buried under fruit trees were believed to stimulate tree growth. In some countries, black tom cats were burned in fields on Christmas Eve and at the sowing of the first seed. This was believed to prevent evil sprirts from harming crops.

  • In Scotland, A strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity.

    Famous Black Cats or Famous People who had Black Cats:

  • Bandit - owned by Donna Mills of Knots Landing
  • Birdy - owned by Sidney Sheldon a best selling author
  • India "Willie" Bush - owned by President George W. Bush currently living in. the white house
  • Kismet - owned by Jimmy Conners a Wimbledon winner
  • Lucifer - A black angora, one of many cats that belonged to Cardinal Richelieu of France.
  • Margate - A stray black kitten who appeared on the doorstep of No 10 Downing St in 1953 was immediately adopted by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who saw it as a sign of good luck. He had just successfully delivered an important speech at Margate, so he named the kitten in honour of the town. Ten days later, Margate managed to progress to a place of honour on his new master's bed.
  • Mincha - Back in the late 1940s in Buenos Aires, a black female cat climbed a 40 foot tree where she resided for six years. Her name was Mincha and she wasn't lonely for companionship. She had three litters while living in the tree. The local Argentinians fed her by putting her food on poles.
  • Petur - owned by Morgan Brittany

    Movies that have been made about the "Black Cat"


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