For those of you not in my NANCE Around the World group on Facebook, we are really trying to get all male NANCE's or females with male NANCE
relatives to get involved in doing a yDNA
test to better learn how we are related.

Females you can do the Autsomal test (Family Finder on FTDNA or the "" test on 23andme), these test will reveal cousins.

Would be great if we could get as many Nance's as possible to do the test.

(P.S. This also includes those who have the surnames NANTZ, NANS, NANTZE, NANTS, or any other variations of the spelling NANCE)

Surname DNA (yDNA)

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)

For males only:

yDNA looks at the DNA that a man inherits from his father's (paternal) side.

The y-chromosome is compared from two or more men to see if they share a common male ancestor.

Females can find a male to represent their line in the surname of interest.

For males and females:

mtDNA looks at the DNA that either a man or woman inherits from the mother's mother's side.

The mitochondria is compared to see if they share a common female ancestor in their maternal lineage.

This test can also be used to explore your ethnicity.

Here is a chart on FTDNA of those who have already taken the yDNA tests and are looking for their NANCE connections.
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Please if you haven't already or have had your DNA tested somewhere other then Family Tree DNA
please consider submitting your results also to Family Tree DNA.

(The only reason I ask is because this is where a lot of NANCEs have done theirs or have submitted theirs)

1/16/2009 - I (John Clayton "Clay" Nance) wanted to let you know that the results of my 67 marker Y-DNA test have posted. I was hoping you as list administrator could find a way to let everyone know on the Nance list that my DNA results will soon be added to those FTDNA  under the NANCE surname group.

I would like to encourage any and all male Nance's to do the painless cheek scrape at one of the DNA testing companies and to share the results with the rest of us through FTDNA . If you happen to be a female Nance reading this, you can get your father or uncle or male cousin of a male uncle to provide Y-DNA for you too!

I happen to have used to process my Y-DNA. There are many different companies available who process Y-DNA for genealogy use.

John Clayton "Clay" Nance

NOTE: as of 9/18/2012 Clay Nance and Chris Nance common ancestor is Daniel Nance Jr (1706). That genetically confirms that particular Nance line from Daniel Nance Jr to the present.

Below I will attempt to locate all links to DNA sites with their corresponding link to NANCE projects a lot of these
allow you to submit your results from other testing sites so you don't pay twice for results.


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