Deed Bk. Q David PARRISH, to Frederick NANCE p. 465

Deed Bk. 7 Wm. PARRISH, from Albert NANCE p. 410

North Carolina, Land Grant Files, 1693-1960
Name:Richard Nance
Issue Date: 1 Mar 1780
Residence Place:Granville, North Carolina, USA
Certificate Number Range:1045-1419
Description:Granville 1045-1419
(**Son of John NANCE II and Jane SMART)

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC land entries

3/18/1780 -- Wm. NANTZ enters 100 acres in Lincoln Co., granted, for 4.18. Borders Alexander Baldridge's land.

**86. Nov. 7, 1797 Isaac BOND (Lincoln Co) to Daniel NANCE (same); for 150 sold 137 ac; border: James LITTLE; [granted] Sept. 24, 1754 and part of "a tract" sold by John Thomas BATLY [or BATY]"down to" Robert FINLEY who sold to said BOND. [signed] Isaac BOND; witness Sterling [sic] ABERNATHY and Richard NANCE. Rec. Apr. 1801. Book 20 9 123.

**1006. Oct. 25 1799 Daniel NANCE (Lincoln Co) to Robert TUCKER (same); for 201.15 sold 134.5 ac. [signed] Danl. NANCE; witness David WILLIAMS jurat and William LUCKEY. Rec. Apr. 1807. Book 21 p. 635.

1/7/1822 -- Lawson NANTZ claims 48 acres on waters of Hoyle's Branch.

**This Indenture made this the 10th of March in The Year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and fifty one, Between RICHARD NANTZ of the one part and his son WILLIAM J NANTZ of the other part, both of the county of Lincoln and State of North Carolina. . .and confirm onto the said WILLIAM J NANTZ his heirs and assigns forever all his interest in a Tract of land on part, which he now resides lying in the county of Lincoln and State of North Carolina and lying on the West bank of the Catawba River, Joining lands of WM B. McCLEAN, GEORGE LITTLE, SOLOMON SIFFORD & others, which Tract of land willed by his father, WILLIAM NANTZ to his brother. . .CLEMENT NANTZ and to his mother and two sisters upon certain conditions as will bear by reference to his Will, Now the said RICHARD NANTZ claims by the will at the death of his sister OLIVE NANTZ, one third of one hundred acres next to the River Thirteen and 3/4 acres having been sold heretofore to HENRY KEENER Dec. The balance Nineteen and two sixths acres he still claims & hereby conveys to the said WILLIAM J NANTZ his heirs. . . In Witness whereof the Said RICHARD NANTZ hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal, the day and a year first above Written signed sealed and delivered. R. NANTZ (Seal) In presence of HENRY H. JOHNSTON. North Carolina Lincoln County, Court of Pleas & Quarters Sessions. (Lincoln County Deed Book 42, p. 176)

**A big THANKS to: El NANCE for the Lincoln County deed info!


Book A. page 240. John Morton to Peter Perkins for 1,200 pds. 300 A on SE side of Dan R adj John Watkins. Mar. 25, 1786. Nathaniel Scales, Jeremiah Nance, Geo. Peay.

Book A. page 319. John Nance to Daniel Sillevan of Henry County VA for 50 pds 100 A on S fork of Stewards Cr adj to Virginia line May 28, 1787

Book B. page 237. Thomas Redin to William Washington for 65 pds 80 A adj William Savage, Samuel Watt. Mar. 1, 1787. Chas. Collings, Sherwood Nance.

Book B. page 242. John Triplett of Caswell Co. and Thomas Redin to William Washington for 85 pds 100 A on both sides Hogans Cr. adj Samuel Watt., the sd land formerly belonging to William Savage. later purchased by Zebulin Savage . Mar. 1, 1787. Thomas Key, Sherwood Nance, Wm. Ferguson Thompson.

Book C. page 47. Dominick Highland to William Jones for 52 pds 88 A between two Troublesome Crs adj ad Jones, Robert Curry, Thomas Holgan. Feb 19, 1790. A. Philips, Cynthia Philips, Peter Nance.

Book C. page 222. William Washington to Thomas Key for 130 pds 150 A adj William Tickel. Dec. 27, 1788. Sherwood Nance, Benjamin Cockrean.

Book E. page 49. John Young to Thomas King Jr. for 10 pds 60 A on Gr Rockhouse Cr adj Robert Small. Jan. 3, 1791. A. Philips, Richard Kingson, William Nance.


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James MONEY, J. K. NANCE & wife, K, 93, Deed, 1887
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