Mr. Boots is a REALLY SWEETMr. Boots Kitty. He was rescued when his owner got sick and abandonedMr. Boots him to live on the streets in Tennessee. He was brought to a new home in Florida to live with 6 other cats. He loves attention, especially when "daddy" hangs him upside down. Likes to lay in laps, loves playing with cat toys a lot and likes to give kisses.. Oh and as you can see in the picture above, he likes to ride in cars. He adapts quickly to his new surroundings, and seems to like everyone. At first when he was brought home he had to have his own room with his own kitty litter box and food so one was built for him under a large shelf that had a cat door and only he could get in by wearing a special magnetic collar, but he has now learned to share with the other cats. Mr. Boots loves to lay around on my desk while I am on the computer

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Cat Travelers

  • Ziggy the cat used up at least one of his nine lives after surviving for 17 days without food on a 2,300 mile voyage that took him from northern Israel to England.
    The skinny white cat named after Ziggy Stardust -- the character created by David Bowie in the 1970s, because like the rock star he has one green and one blue eye -- made his epic trip as a stowaway in a 40-foot container.
    His journey began when he wandered into a consignment of plastic goods which were then sealed in Afula in Israel and shipped from Haifa on October 31.
    It ended when he emerged, exhausted, starving and dehydrated, at a warehouse in Whitworth in Lancashire on Friday.
    "When the container was finally opened, staff unloading it got a real surprise when this fluffy white cat shot out," said Colin Barton, the local authority's animal health officer who helped capture Ziggy.
    "I think he had probably used up some of his nine lives."
    The cat had not only survived but was able to resist capture for five hours.
    "I think he was scared to death," said James Ratcliff, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). "He'd travelled all that way and got to a strange country and ran for his life."

  • A cat survived three weeks in a storage container that a family shipped last month from Hawaii to its new home in Southern California. Images | Video The Escamilla family said they thought they had seen the last of Spice the cat. Spice disappeared as the family loaded the shipping container and prepared to move from Hawaii to San Bernardino. "We thought, 'Oh Lord, please,'" said mother Pamela Escamilla. "That was the last thing I wanted to think about." The Escamillas arrived in Southern California, resigned to the possibility that Spice was gone. Three weeks later, the family's storage container arrived. "The cat just appeared at my father's legs," said Ryan Escamilla. "My mom started screaming. "I thought the cat just took off and was on its own. It's a miracle that this cat survived. Eighteen days in a container -- that's crazy." Pamela Escamilla said, "It never even crossed my mind that she'd be in that container." She said the cat is healthy.

  • July 15, 2007 They say cats have nine lives. We found a kitten that's used at least one extra this week. The cat traveled for five days up the coast from Florida in a freight container. And amazingly, it's still alive. The owner came to Savannah to pick up her pet today. "Got a phone call Friday afternoon from the shipping customer care, saying the shipper may have loaded a cat in the container because they hadn't seen the cat since the container left," explained the shipping company, Yang Ming's, Johna LeGrand. Missy's owner, Abigail Akers, had been loading furniture to send from Florida to Japan. "My brother owns a shop in Japan, Osaka, and we ship furniture," she explained. But someone else sneaked in. "Not even 24 hours later, I had that gut feeling, 'I think my cat's in the container,'" recalled Akers. She thought Missy would never make it. Her brother knew the cat would turn up eventually. "They thought they were going to find the cat but dead after four weeks of traveling on the sea, and they were really nervous about the smell of the container," said Akers. When the container arrived in Savannah to be loaded on the ship, Yang Ming sent in its own pet detective. "I opened the back doors and I could vaguely hear this cat meowing," said Yang Ming's Mike Swinford. "I finally got the cat out with cat food." The people at Yang Ming say the cold front we had may have saved the cat, since those containers are airtight. Akers and Missy said goodbye to the staff, and this time, Missy will make the trip in her regular kitten carrier. Akers says Missy is thinner, but that's a small price to pay to have her back.

  • Pilsbury, the eight-year-old English cat who has made the eight-mile journey back to his former home 40 times. According to London newspapers, he makes the trip, which takes him across busy roads and through herds of cattle, at least once a week. Luckily, his owners always retrieve him.

  • Ninja, the tomcat who moved with his owners from Utah to Washington State in 1996. He disappeared shortly after arriving in his new home, only to turn up at the old Utah address -- 850 miles away -- a year later.

  • In 1950 a kitten from Switzerland managed to follow a group of climbers to the summit of the Matterhorn in the Alps at 14,697 feet.

  • Chris and wife Jennifer Trevino had a cat named Ernie who had been with Chris for 4 years. Chris was moving his family from Tacoma, Washington to Victoria, Texas to join his families sheet metal business. Along the drive on Highway 10 just east of El Paso, Texas about 60 miles an hour Ernie for some unexplained reason jumped out the window. They pulled over and called and called but they couldn't find him anywhere. After an hour they decided that searching in the dark was fruitless so they waited till sunrise. But when dawn broke there still was no sign of Ernie. They decided to head on to Chris' parents house in Victoria 700 miles away. Then late one night, six days after they arrived, they were awakened by an odd sound. They checked the open garage and there was Ernie. He was skinny with bloody paws and his back claws were missing. But he had found his family. (UPDATE Jan. 23, 2006) purr Chris - "I came across the paraphrased article about "Ernie" shown on your website, the cat that travelled on foot - I mean paws - from El Paso to Victoria in Texas. First of all... everything about what happened is 100% true. We're back in Washington and Ernie is doing well :-) He's in his "geriatric" years but still likes the occasional territorial fight, enjoys devouring smoked salmon and lounging about on his blanky-covered bean bag. And every holiday season: still finds time to bat ornaments off the x-mas tree."

  • In 1990 Mercedes an amazing black feline stowaway lived an incredible 50 days without food or water - except possibly some drops of condensation - locked in a metal shipping container. She traveled 17,000 miles during her high seas adventure. Her adventure began in Kent, England, where she apparently wandered into a shipping container at a dock side warehouse. The container was sealed and five days later was loaded onto a ship. Two months later it arrives in Port Adelaide, Australia - the cat skin and bones - stumbled out. Weighing only 4.1 pounds.

  • Farmer Alfonse Mondry's cat, Misele, just could not stand it when her 82 year-old master was taken to a hospital in Sarrebourg, France. Some incredible tracking instinct and a heart full of love led Misele straight for her master nine miles away - through rock quarries, cattle fields, forests and busy highways. At the hospital, in town, where she had never been before, she sneaked in past orderlies and found old Alfonse's room. When nurses found them, the attending doctor was summoned. Their patient was now resting comfortably with the cat purring contentedly across his legs. They did not have the heart to separate them.

  • In 1987 Gribouille the cat was owned by Madeleine Martinet who in turn gave the cat to a neighbor Jean-Paul Marguart. A month later Marquart and his family moved, taking Gribouille with them from Tanney in central France to Reutlingen Germany 600 miles away. The cat left this new home and spent 22 grueling months getting back home. He clawed his way through forest, over mountains, around rivers and across superhighways. He survived freezing snow and hailstorms, bone chilling wind and scorching sun. When he reached Martinet's doorstep, he was bleeding, ragged, nearly starved and almost blind with infected eyes.

  • The Hicks family of Adelaide, Australia, dropped their Persian cat, Howie, off with their parents, whom lived over one thousand miles away from Adelaide. Months later when the Hicks family returned and was ready to pick Howie up, they found out that Howie had escaped in his second week of visiting.
    Howie was an indoor cat who had never even seen a dog, and never hunted anything more substantial than a housefly. The family was heartbroken, and searched for him for a month without success. Having to return to Adelaide, their home was not the same, but they could not bring themselves to get another cat.
    A year had passed, when one afternoon they found a miserable looking longhaired cat, with a wounded paw, who was filthy and starved. When their daughter Kirsten came home from school and saw the cat, she stopped, then ran forward screaming out "Howie ! Howie". The mother was shocked, could this straggly cat be their pedigree Persian? It was Howie.
    In the twelve months it had taken Howie to make the one-thousand-mile trek home, the pampered Persian had somehow forded rivers, crossed two tracts of hostile desert and fought his way through the vast wilderness of the Australian outback. He knew where his home was and neither distance nor danger could keep him from coming back. A trip to the vet, lots of food and love, and soon he looked again like the proud Persian king of his household.

  • A cat returned back alone from New York to its owner's new home in California after walking a distance of two thousand three hundred miles without any help.

  • A cat named Sugar returned back alone from California to its owner home in Oklahoma after walking a distance of two thousand and four hundred kilometers.

  • A cat returned back alone from Nievre in France to its owner's home in Stuttgart in south west Germany after walking a distance of about a thousand kilometers.

  • A cat of England named Sooty returned back alone to its owner's old home after walking a distance of hundred miles without any help.


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