My Story


Winifred Strickland’s methods are proven.  Her training and competition records are unmatched, and she has successfully trained thousands of dogs and their handlers.  I was one of those handlers.  I consider myself lucky to have befriended such a wonderful person who shares the same personal feelings about the German Shepherd Dog as I.  While assigned to the NYPD K-9 Unit in the 1980’s, I contacted Mrs. Strickland after reading one of her books.  I was preparing for competition in the United States Police Canine Association and was hungry for knowledge and obedience techniques.  So I began my search for the best trainers known!



A personal friend of mine (Don Steerling), who was a K-9 officer and trainer for the Suffolk County Police Department with over 25 years of experience donated his time training me on weekends.  This went on for years!  However; I felt that I needed more precise training.  That’s when I contacted Mrs. Strickland.  I remember being nervous while talking to her and she quickly put me at ease!  She was outgoing and forthcoming in sharing her obedience training methods & techniques with me.  During that time we became friends and it has lasted to present time.  One of the first & most important things I remember Mrs. Strickland telling me, was to “trust my dog – trust my dog”!  That advice earned me a perfect score in obedience during the USPCA trails and more importantly, kept me alive on the streets of NYC.  I knew someday I was going to own one of her dogs.  That was my goal and my dream!  Twenty years passed and that dream and goal became reality. 



In June of 2000, I purchased a female German Shepherd Dog from Winifred Strickland’s Wynthea’s Kennels.  I named her Wynthea’s Jaycee.  Mrs. Strickland bred her Sire:  Wynthea’s Ace of Diamonds UDX, CGC, TDI  (Obedience Trail Champion) OFA, to her Dam: Allie Vom Kirschental (German Herding Champion) “A” stamped.  Out of that litter I got my little girl “Jaycee”.  By the time Jaycee was 8 months old she won her CD, (Highest score in the FT. Myers Dog Show 199 points).  This show was the most memorable for me.  The reason being, a ring judge came up to me and stated “Your dog was perfect, you were not”, and for that, a point was taken away.  The judge then asked me a question, “is that a Strickland dog”?  I replied, “yes”…  The judge smiled and walk away.

Jaycee's Parents are shown on the front of this book.

At two years of age Jaycee was OFA certified, hips & elbows.  Six months later she was bred & her first litter arrived on December 15th, 2003, (3F’s/1M).  Jaycee was 2.5 years old. 

 I kept a male, named him Wyatt, and he is now 3 years old! 

As you can see from the litter, Jaycee’s offspring are magnificently gorgeous and portrays the ideal German Shepherd characteristics and qualities.


Time has passed and 3 years later, I decided to breed Wynthea’s Jaycee again.  This time to one of Mrs. Strickland’s personal dogs Georg.  I first met Georg six years ago, with my son Bryce after driving 17 hours from Florida to Pennsylvania, to pick up my puppy Jaycee.  Georg – won his UDX and OTCH (Obedience Trail Champion) points BEFORE he was two years old.  Mrs. Strickland wanted to introduce some new German blood into her kennel. She purchased Dbl.Sgrn HGH Gerta vom Kirschental, SchH1, a daughter of Sgr.Ulk v Arlett, SchH3. She bred her in Germany to 1997 and 1999 V1 Pitt von Tronje, SchH3. Gerta had six puppies and Wynn kept one male and 3 females. She named them after the von Trapp children in The Sound of Music. She started training Georg and his sisters just before they were 4 months of age. Georg won his CD at 10 months and his CDX at 11 months. Then, at a large all-breed show he won his UD at 16 months. His sister Liesl, won her CD that same day with 198 points and Highest Score in Show. By winning those two titles Wynn earned her 200th Obedience title. Several months later sister Gretl won her CDX in 3 straight shows.


Georg will be bred to my Jaycee in the summer of 2006.  Expecting to whelp a litter in the fall of 2006.